The Sweet Spot: Odell Brewery, Constitution

Sitting on the patio at the Odell Brewery I could easily hear the music of Constitution dancing through the walls and rushing out the open door. Since we arrived late seating was limited but luckily the first day of spring stayed a bit springy and the patio was a nice place to start our free music experience.1363829570419

Odell’s didn’t seem to offer any specials during the music but the selection was a plenty and I was impressed by multiple beers that were new to my palate.  After finishing our first beer sampling tray (a pilot tray) we decided we needed a better spot and moved inside hoping to find a seat. Again luck was on our side and a couple spots floated openly like they were invisible to the standing crowd that surrounded them. Enjoying our fortunes in seating we broke into our second taster tray (a co-pilot tray) and were surprised by every beer we tasted. Knowing that each beer on the tray was 7% or higher (4 of the 6 were 9% or higher) we were expecting a tough tray that would keep a cringe on our faces. Instead we found outstanding flavor and a variety of choices. My favorite was the 10.2% King Albert; brewed in collaboration with a Colorado Springs Home Brewer it almost tasted sweet.

The only thing left after tasting so much good beer was to enjoy the good music and Constitution was tearing it up.  Composed of 4 bad-ass musicians (3 of which I have had the opportunity to interview) Constitution plays their Americana with an ease and stage presence that involves the crowd even when there’s not a stage. Sitting in the “Sweet Spot” up front and in the middle, I was on the same level as the band and had a perfect view that allowed me to get lost in each musician’s amazing talents. From cover songs to barn burners these gentlemen always look like they’re having the best time ever on stage. This is something that’s hard to tell when most of these guys play in multiple other amazing acts around town and seem to always look like their having the best time ever.

Check out Constitution on their ReverbNation page or at their Facebook page

The Odell Brewery has a consistent line up of music that is usually free! Check out more about the brewery and upcoming events at  


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