Music Production for Beginners: Choosing Between a Mac and a PC

Part of life’s excitement is that we are constantly bombarded with choices. There’s always Team A or Team B, in which common grounds are reserved for those so-called undecided bandwagoners in sports, according to The Mash. Now to be specific, when it comes to music production, whether you’re an up-and-coming hobbyist or a seasoned pro, you want to have the finest workstation for your craft, as there’s no middle ground.

The Internet has been a continuous source of useful information, as well as entertainment ideas. In fact, we now live in a highly digital world where classic pastimes have successfully penetrated the worldwide web, and have even combined two industries to form one viable product. Some of the best examples feature gaming titles like the successful Guns N’ Roses slot launched by PocketFruity. Others take advantage of technology by providing us with online markets to study, compare, and shop for the best audio equipment, reports Music Matters.

From audio gear to digital software programs, you always want to have what’s best for you and your music. In a way, these are some of the factors that separate the mediocre musicians from the truly dedicated members of the art. So for you to take your talents to the next level, it’s suggested to at least have a semblance of the pros and cons of PCs and Macs for music production. Yes, it’s has become somewhat simple for us to start and continue this process. We just have to have a better understanding of the heart of most – if not every – music production studio setups: the computer.

The ongoing debate of Mac versus PC, has been blown out of proportion by close-minded people who simply prefer one over the other. But the fact of the matter simply lies on your preference. A Windows PC is more customizable, quite open if you will, whereas a Mac is more aesthetically pleasing yet ultra exclusive. The latter is more expensive, thus requiring little to no tweaking at all, while the former ensures you’ll have the right add-ons when needed.

A lot of experts conclude that PCs are cheaper than Macs both in the short and long term. However, as always, there are still a few more factors to consider. For one, Apple’s products rarely go out of fashion and would still be worth close to 75% of its purchase price a year later. On the other hand, having a PC gives you flexibility, due to the constant wave of software and hardware upgrades, according to Musician’s Friend. Additionally, Knowledge Base feels improving your computer’s overall power would still be more reasonable.

Price will always be a factor especially when you’re just starting out, yet it’s not an excuse to not take the plunge into music production or fall for mediocrity. As a rule of thumb, if you don’t want to delve deep into the intricacies of drivers and hardware, you can go for a pricier Mac. But if total costs play a significant part, then PC is the way to go. When everything’s said and done, your choice still boils down to your presumed budget for this type of investment, how productive do you want to be, and, of course, personal preference.

This is a guest post from Kevin Long

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